German Designs

A German design offers a unitary protection throughout the Federal Republic of Germany. The designer of a design may obtain protection against use of the design if he files his design with the German Patent and Trademark Office (GPTO) for registration in the Register of designs.

The German Design Act provides a twelve-month grace period, i.e. if the designer or his legal predecessor made a product available to the public within twelve months prior to the date that determines the priority of the application, that fact shall not be taken into consideration when assessing novelty and individual character, as long as the applicant files the same product without modification as a design.

Several designs may be grouped together in a multiple application covering up to 100 designs. All of the designs must belong to the same class of goods.

For reproduction of a design the applicant may file up to seven representations. The representations should show the design without accessories. The design should be presented against a uniform neutral background. An explanatory description may accompany the representations.